Nowadays Brazil is the most important modern country with records and references to the African continent "outside" Africa. The development of the great areas of colonial-economical activities structured in the strength of labor and African technology of reference, through the centuries XVI-XIX, reveals the economical and territorial extension of the “w

wal of Africa and the "African Brazil" of the secondary and insignificant place that it is dedicated, the education and the social way of thinking of our population, in other words, aspiring that it is possible to contribute with another "interpretation" and "comprehension" of the formation of the territory and the Brazilian people, since de beginning of the XXI century, properly valuing the African references resistants and survivors. The Afrobrazilian Geography project: Education and territory planning (Project GEOAFRO), developed in CIGA-GEA-IH-Unb, have as basic reference interpret spatially the existing structures in the formation of Brazil and their population, taking as precondition, the geographical aspects of the African inheritance in the Brazilian territory. The GEOAFRO project has a plan of activities, prescribed phases and the itinerant expositions are part of one of the key components. We use, as basic instrument of work, the resources of cartographical images and photographs, for their possibility to be efficient in the transmission of historiographical and contemporaries contents. On the other hand, the requests to the comprehension of the complex dynamic of the society are great, there are a few disciplines better placed than the geography, and cartography to explain the many questions of what happened, what is happening and what can happen in the geographical space.

The proposition is to expand the information, the discussion and provide elements to the knowledge of the Brazilian territory in the perspective of the African origins. The project has five stages that find themselves in progress, four of their stages of work.  In the first stage, we accomplish to rescue the fundamental elements of the African Geography and their relations to the Brazilian Geography. The second stage of the project cover the Quilombo’s cartography. In this stage we can answer, in a geographic way, how it is distributed the municipal records of the traditional quilombola communities in the political unities of Brazil and where they are focused. Another significant stage, form the interpretation and reconstruction of the geographic structures built and/or drawn in the country with a bigger participation of the African origin population. One of the main thematic basis refers to the great economic cycles that take place in our territory and the distribution of the African origin population.

The fourth stage has as a guideline the education, the operation happens in two aspects: themed workshop: Africa, Brazil and the Quilombos. Geographic inheritances, that has as objective to collaborate in the construction of another territoriality of the Brazilian population where African references are present. In the year of 2005, with the support of SEDAD-MEC and in partnership with State and municipals Education departments, we perform the above-mentioned workshop in seven Brazilian states (Maceió, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Brasilia). In 2006, many activities with the educators where accomplished in the state municipalities of Minas Gerais, Curitiba and Bahia. In 2010, other partnerships were signed, with SECAD-MEC and the Brazilian states Forum of Ethnic- Racial, for the accomplishment of 5 (five) educational workshops. The work was done with teachers in the following Capitals: Maceió, São Luís, Belém, Macapá and Salvador.

One other important aspect of this project are the Publications: Territories of the Remaining communities and ancient Quilombos in Brazil, with all the cartographic documentation of the research (200 and 2005) and the volumes of the collection Africa-Brazil: Cartography to the Learning-Teaching, that form sets of themed maps, in different shapes, to help the teacher to pass on the information about the geography of Africa and the African geography of Brazil. In 2009 was published the books of Quilombo: African Geography- Ethnic Cartography- Traditional territories, commemorative work of the 20 years of the Afro-Brazilian Geography project: Education and Territorial planning. The video-documentary The African Brazil I: Diaspora- Quilombos-Territory- Population, product of the research results of the above-mentioned project, was launched in May 2010.  In 2011 will be released the bilingual book Territoriality Quilombola: Photos and Maps, written in Portuguese and English.

The Cartographical and travelling geographical expositions are part of concrete extensions to enable the expansion of the visibility and training of the teachers and citizens, from the set of products developed and in development steps of the mentioned study. Since 1995, the project has been implementing or attending events in the most various sectors.  In 2007, we accomplished with the support of Petrobras, in Casa do Brasil, with Brazil's embassy in Belgium the Cartographic Exposition: L'Afrique, Le Brésil et les Territoires des Quilombos.  In 2009, we accomplished in the Natural History Museum in Luanda, a geographical exposition. The African Brazil: Diaspora- Quilombos- Territory- Population Maps and Photos, invited by the Brazilian Embassy in Luanda (October). Beginning the Brazilian season, this same geographic show took place in Conjunto Cultural da Republica museum, in Brasilia (May-June) with record of six thousand (6000) visitors in a month of exhibition.