Author: Prof. Rafael Sanzio Araújo dos Anjos

Technical Partnership: Project GEOAFRO / CIGA-UnB

Publisher: Mapas & Consultoria Ltda.

Dimensions: 84,1 x 118,9 cm / Publication and Cartographioc

Year:  2014 2ª edição

ISBN: 978-85-87763-15-0

Cód. CIGA: 19.000

Price: R$ 100,00 

              Establish and recognize other educational perspectives to a comprehension of the traffic, of slavery and African diaspora as forming elements of the configuration of the contemporary world represent basic assumption to trace a context more suited to the part of the African origins cultures in the formation of the territory and Brazilian people.   The Themed Educational Map: Geopolitics of African Diaspora- America- Brazil. Centuries XV-XIX, seeks to bring elements to collaborate with the construction of other territoriality of the population of Brazilian African origin, from the "educational tools" where the teacher of different educational levels of teach can change their practices in the transfer of contents, in Geography and history mainly. The research from the set of  products of study about the territories with African references in Brazil and inside a program of Post Doctorate (MRAC-Tervuren-Belgic) and the public records of  public institution in Lisbon (Portugal), Brussels (Belgium), Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), Luanda (Angola), Paris (France), Abidjan (Cotê de l'avoire) and Havana (Cuba), brought to the cartographic representations references that contribute in a substantial way, to the spatial explanation of the geopolitical contexts that drove for four centuries the evolution of global capitalism and that determined and determine in a significant way the structure of the territories and population with references, survival and reinvention of the African origins.


Author: Prof. Rafael Sanzio Araújo dos Anjos
Publisher: Mapas & Consultoria Ltda.
Dimensions: A0(84,1 x 118,9 cm) 
Peso: 530g
Year: 2014
ISBN: 978-85-87763-16-7
Cód. CIGA: 10.000
Price: R$ 100,00

           Brazil and the African continent, especially in the territorial extensions below the Saara desert, maintain relations since the beginning of the formation of the Brazilian state. There were four centuries of human beings displacements with their identity and cultural origin, just as, tropical goods, to stimulate the new economic system in development. Brazil was fundamental in the expansion and consolidation of capitalism; the most slavery country in the Americas; holder of the highest number of quilombos and that nowadays, holds the biggest demographic contingent of African reference outside Africa. These and other subjects are approached in the set of the three themed educational maps (Layout A) elaborated to help the «spatial visibility» of the African Diaspora- Brazil in the past and present. This is a fundamental cartographic publication to the educator work with more property these structural references of the formation of our country, its population and the complex and prejudiced society that it still have.